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Game Result and Margin of Victory
Predictions for Today, April 6

The probability of winning is shown for each team along with the "favorite's" expected margin of victory.
Winner Accuracy is a success if the winner is predicted correctly.
Margin Accuracy is a success if the winner is predicted correctly and they meet or exceed the margin prediction.
Overall Prediction Accuracy is shown at the bottom of the page.
Prediction Results Accuracy
'Road' Team Win% Margin (pts) Win% 'Home' Team Score Status Winner Margin

Today, April 6 Results
Winner Accuracy: 0%
Margin Accuracy: 0%

Overall Results (4087 games)
Winner Accuracy: 71%
Margin Accuracy: 50%

The goal for the Game Result Prediction is to determine winners at a rate greater than 75%.
The goal for the Margin of Victory Prediction is to be as close to 50% as possible since this would put an equal number of game results over and under the prediction line.